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The college application process can often be very frustrating and time consuming. Get reliable advice from a renowned college admissions counselor who has helped hundreds of students get into their dream colleges.

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You have many questions such as ‘how can I make my college application shine?’, ‘How do I complete the common application?’. Your high school life is not easy, either. Do you know how to prepare for your junior year? How many extracurricular activities should you do? You’ll find answers to all the questions you have about high school life and college admissions.

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Our college admissions counselor has over 15 years of experience helping students get into top universities around the country including Harvard, UC Berkley, UCLA, Stanford, and Brown. What does it mean? She knows how you can get the best result. She studied at top-tier universities such as UCLA and Stanford University and enjoys helping students succeed in high school and get into their dream college.

Studystorm College admissions counseling covers all these important topics.

- How to make your college application shine
- Nail your college essay
- How to get better grades
- Test prep
- Extracurricular activities and internships
- Life in high school
- Financial aid and scholarships