Literature video lessons

32 videos by top-rated English teacher on popular English literature classics.


32 videos explaining every key elements you should know about English literature classics.

There are must-read classic English literature books that most high school students learn. We cannot read them for you, but our English teachers can help you ace your homework or a test about them. You’ll understand the books faster and more easily. In the videos, expert English teachers explain plot summary, characters, symbolism, themes and common writing assignments. No more boring, low-quality videos for your studying. Learn popular classic novels with high-quality videos by a top-rated expert. It’s absolutely free!

Our tutor makes even a difficult book easy. How? She knows where you struggle

Our English tutor, Katie Aquino, has a masters degree from Stanford University and years of experience teaching high school students. Her fun and dynamic teaching style is loved by so many students. You’ll never get bored when you’re studying with her tutoring videos.

Concise videos save you time. High quality helps you concentrate

We make our videos concise so you learn before you get bored. It is not easy to explain a complex concept quickly, but our expert tutor does it better than anyone. All videos are produced by professional staff to ensure high quality. Teachers’ handwriting is crisp and clear on your mobile device. Don’t struggle with low-quality study videos. Save time studying with Studystorm.

Studystorm Literature covers the following topics.

- Books that we cover: To kill a mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, Lord of the flies, Catcher in the rye, Macbeth, Death of a salesman
- For each book, our tutors teach you key elements such as summary, setting, characters, symbolism and themes.