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Prepare for the SAT via 36 tutoring videos by a professional SAT tutor


36 tutoring videos teach you everything you need to ace the SAT test.

Our SAT prep includes 6.5 hours of tutoring broken down into 36 video lessons. Videos include an overview of the test, strategies for each of the sections, review of the major content topics and plenty of examples. You'll get all the help you need for the SAT test. No more boring, low-quality videos for your SAT prep. Prepare for the test with high-quality videos by a top-rated SAT expert. It’s absolutely free!

Our expert tutor makes SAT prep easy. How? She knows where you make mistakes

Our SAT tutor, Eva Holtz, is the founder of PrepPoint, a premier test prep company and a certified admissions counselor. She got perfect scores on the SAT & 4 SAT II’s as a student and has been helping a lot of students succeed to improve their SAT scores. She graduated from Harvard University.

Concise videos save you time. High quality helps you concentrate

We make our videos concise so you learn before you get bored. It is not easy to explain a complex SAT concept or strategy quickly, but our expert SAT tutor did it better than anyone else. All our videos are produced by professional staff to ensure high quality. Tutoe’s handwriting is crisp and clear on your mobile device. Don’t struggle with low-quality test prep videos. Save time studying with Studystorm.

Studystorm SAT covers all important SAT topics.

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